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Insects, the cult of many populations, become the protagonists and a source of inspiration for the Aya Muse PF21 look book.

Insects represent more than half of the earth’s wildlife and have irreplaceable roles in the ecosystem: They are essential for pollination. Without their precious help, human life itself would be at risk. The risk of insect extinction largely depends on the problems related to pollution. Aya Muse aware of the risk and today is committed to the creation of sustainable garments from an environmental point of view.

In the lookbook, the simplicity of natural poses in harmony with the design of the garments, recall the movements of insects and become a perfect mix to better communicate the ethics and philosophy of the brand: Respect Nature and support the‘’ right ‘’ business.

This collection focuses on raising awareness about how everything we put into the world reflects on our environment and its ability to take care of us and protect us. By being sustainable we are constantly trying to evolve and learn more by treating our planet with kindness. Even the smallest change makes a huge difference and that is the essence of this collection, which showcases bugs as the protagonists.

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