Aya is derived from a Japanese word meaning colorful and Muse is rooted from the Greek word for inspiration. When placed side by side, Aya Muse quite literally means colorful inspiration and this philosophy is carried on from collection to collection.

Aya Muse deconstructs the status quo and makes it her own. She develops trends based on what she wants to wear- not what she thinks other might. She designs pieces that are missing from the current market and offers women around the world a chance to feel like a slightly cooler version of themselves. Aya Muse isn’t restricted by what’s en vogue at the time- if she wants to wear something, she simply creates it..


How is Aya Muse Earth-conscious?

"We constantly thrive to better ourselves as a company and try to continuously find ways to improve our sustainability. Some of the things that we are doing currently is eliminating all single-use plastic in both our factories and our packaging as well as our offices! We also use sustainable recycled fabrics or recycled yarn for our knits. The main focus for us is making sure all our factories have ethical production structures and fair labor. All our partners are BSCI certified. In addition, we like to keep ourselves up to date as the fashion world is constantly changing and there are always more and more ways to be sustainable.

Tina - Co-Founder of AYA MUSE

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