Our core mission is to produce long-lasting fashion for a sustainable future, creating pieces that stand the test of time. We believe in the slow fashion movement, which is increasingly relevant in today’s fast-moving culture of mass consumption. We prioritize quality over quantity therefore we aim to use only the finest materials, so that we can create designs that will last and become staples in your closet


Our designed are manufactured in Georgia and China in ethical small factories. All our factories are BSCI certified and are single use plastic free. We work with carefully chosen manufacturers, depending on the supplier expertise and supply of materials. We know every single person in each of the factories and work closely with them each season to learn more about how to be more sustainable and better ourselves


Our materials are always high-quality fabrics. 90% of the materials used in our collections are of natural or recycled origin. All our fabric is Oeko Tek certified free of harmful and toxic ingredients and we use many variations of recycled fabrics or yarns such as “EcoVero viscose” and “Naia” yarn. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and we have made it our mission to keep doing the best we can to better ourselves.


Each year we aim to reduce the amount of packaging so we have converted all of our packaging to recycled of biodegradable materials.


We want to ensure, that each of our designs will have the longest possible lifetime. Therefore we offer to repair our customers garments free of charge.


Starting in June 2021 we will be planting one tree for every item sold in an effort to give back and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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